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Be a part of the experience!

Your time is incredibly valuable to us, we offer tickets to Grindstone Theatre shows in exchange for helping out!

Volunteering is a perfect way to get involved in the community, see some of the cool shows and have fun, in an easy and impactful way. 

Festival Dates:

Friday, July 30: 2 - 10 pm

Saturday, July 31: 2 - 10 pm

Ticket Taker

Greet patrons as the arrive at the festival grounds and give them their wristband. Scan tickets for the show and provide key information such as first-aid, washrooms, beer gardens.

Greenroom Supervision


Keep the greenroom and performers backstage area, kept, tidy, and organized.

Set Up / Tear Down

Set up or take down the stage. Will require lifting.

Performer Drivers


Be available to drive performers to and from the airport, the park, and the bar. (for this position specifically email

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